Strategic Space Combat on Android and Windows
Nova Conflict is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game with simple rules but deep gameplay. It is designed to be a PC game experience that can be played on mobile devices. With a single player campaign, a built in map editor, and campaign editor you will have plenty to do!
  1. Coming to Android
    The initial release of Nova Conflict will be on Android devices. Take the fight with you!
  2. Windows Coming Soon
    After Nova Conflict is available for Android devices the game will be developed to work on Windows devices as well!
  3. The Game
    Fight your way through a challenging single player campaign.
  4. The Competition
    Play against the AI or play against your friends with local-device multiplayer.
  5. The Strategy
    Use the environment in space to your advantage.
  6. The Tools
    Use the in-game map editor to design your own maps or create your own campaign.
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